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We have a collection of 6 Music quotes from Beth Ditto

"I love sad songs. They say so much. I love country music but even the happy songs sound really sad." (ID 37765)

"Starting out really punk came from not knowing any better and listening to music like that, not knowing how to play music - well, still not knowing how to play music." (ID 37766)

"I'm constantly thinking about what I'll do next. I never count on music being a career of longevity. I mean, longevity is key, and I hope that it lasts, but you just don't know, because it's not in your hands, you don't make the decision." (ID 37767)

"I've never had a very quiet voice. I tried in choir to make it smaller, and it just didn't work out. And I listened to a lot of soul music when I was growing up on my own accord. But I was mostly into Mama Cass and Gladys Knight, and they all had big voices too; just different than mine." (ID 37768)

"It's really hard for me to sometimes put myself out there, like 'Hey, how do you feel about making music together?' because maybe I'm afraid of rejection or I don't want to put anybody out. It's the Southerner in me, like, 'I don't mean to bother you but do you mind making a song?'" (ID 37769)

"Olympia was a town crawling with music. I was new to the whole punk scene. The culture shock continued; Olympia had bagels! We didn't have bagels in Arkansas. You could order vegetarian food all over town! It was so crazy to me - a place with so many vegetarians, the restaurants made special dishes for them?" (ID 37770)

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