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We have a collection of 12 Music quotes from Liz Phair

"Everything that people lob at you who don't know you, it all hurts. When you're doing something as simple as making music, which really, theoretically, shouldn't hurt anyone - I mean, it's a song! Step back for five seconds and laugh." (ID 37730)

"When I use the Internet, it's pretty much strictly for music. Checking out other people's web sites, what's going on, listening to music. It's pretty much a musical thing for me." (ID 37992)

"The big news already broke. The file-sharing and all that stuff, it's a done deal. And I think figuring out how to make that a fair exchange for the people that make music is still an issue." (ID 37994)

"That's what music is to me. Like, stuff that I really like to play loud. And I've got my quiet CDs, too, that I listen to around the house, but if you can't go there, then... Everyone gets so upset with me, I can't win." (ID 37996)

"Now, in music, it seems more like the popular crowd suppresses anyone who is different." (ID 37999)

"I mean, I kind of remember... I'm 36 now, so it's kind of hard for me to relate to what it was like when I was 25, or 24, but I do remember a period in time when that's how I defined who I was, by the music I listened to and the movies I went to." (ID 38000)

"I just want to make music and make a living. I just have to find the means of doing that." (ID 38004)

"I don't have the same access or time to gain access to music the way I used to." (ID 38032)

"I ended up becoming so self-conscious that my songs stopped being about my life and started being about what people thought of my music. And that was really bad." (ID 38033)

"I've lost touch with a lot of that boutique-type music just because of my age, and raising my son and the multiple jobs I have at this point." (ID 38036)

"I'm just out of touch with new music in general, and I only know about it if I'm hanging out with someone that knows about it, or I catch it on YouTube." (ID 38037)

"I love scoring. Putting music to picture is a rewarding challenge and one that relies on interpretation of emotion - as in, what is the pivotal feeling in a scene and which character's point of view is driving it at any given moment?" (ID 38041)

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